February 9, 2011

Women from the Niger Delta at the World Social Forum

Post by Opal Tometi, BAJI National Organizer

During my time at the World Social Forum in Dakar I've had the the most profound pleasure of meeting a delegation of women from the Niger Delta. For those who know me you know my family is from Nigeria and so social issues within the country are of particular importance to me. The delegation of Nigerian women from the oil rich region have been through a lot. From the pollution of their land, to lack of job opportunities, perpetual poverty, violence, sexual assault and the list goes on. The things that they have experienced are unimaginable yet they have the courage to speak out against them, assert their human rights and organize for justice. The delegation is a vibrant group, comprised of the most eloquent and inspiring women I have ever met. I'm constantly in awe of them as they share story after story of what they've been through and how they've taken their circumstances into their own hands.

I hope to be able to post more videos from their presentation online, but in the meantime I will share the following video clip that I shot with the Emem Okon the Executive Director of an Kebetkache Women Resource & Development Center.

In the video Emem explains the grassroots work that the women have been doing around environmental justice, women's rights, social and economic issues and alternatives in the oil rich region of the Niger Delta.

Please read the Detroit to Dakar blog for information about other workshops we attended during our 2nd day in Dakar.

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  1. Hey Opal! We met at the Indymedia Convergence Center in Dakar - I just came across your post this evening. I've been working on a piece for FSRN about Kebetkache for International Women's day, I'll definitely get you the link as soon as it's finished! I'm going to go look for your email which I know I wrote down somewhere....