November 3, 2011

Fighting against ICE's so-called "Secure Communities"

It has been a year since BAJI's been involved in actions against S-Comm in Alameda County, and it has been a busy year! 

BAJI, in coalition with organizations like, NNIRR, Causa Justa, MUA, CIPC, Interfaith Organizers, EBASE have held three community forums this year to educate Alameda County about S-Comm as well as a brown bag, for community organizers.  We've worked with SFIRDC, to push for The Trust Act (AB 1081), a bill that would regulate S-Comm’s reach into our communities. And we have assisted in the formation of ACUDIR (Alameda County United in Defense of Immigrant Rights),  a coalition dedicated to fighting for the rights of immigrants and against the criminalization of communities of color in Alameda County.

Photo Courtesy of DRUM NYC
S-Comm is important, because it is another connection between African American communities and immigrant communities.  BAJI will continue to educate the Bay Area, about links between the prison industrial complex, the school to prison pipeline and immigration detention and policy.  And we will connect community members to leaders who are working to change this!

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